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You have mashed all the buttons on your controller. You have played and re-played the stage. You have memorized the locations of power ups and enemies. You have taken notes of every alley that will help you escape the labyrinth. And yet, you still want to tear your hair out because you still can’t beat the game. It’s simply too hard or too tricky. At all times, your character dies or you get stuck in some stage of the game.

Frustration sets in because you badly want to watch the anticipated cinematic ending. You want to boast to your friends that you have accomplished this difficult game. You want to test check out the games’ hidden bonuses, secret weapons, and different character attires.

Going through the standard “procedure” of playing the game is challenging but long and oftentimes frustrating. So why not use a cheat code? A cheat is a way that provides you an advantage beyond standard gameplay. With the successful activation of a cheat, you can make the gameplay easier, make the opponents weaker, or obtain an infinite number of ammunition. But that’s just a part of what a cheat does. Certain cheats can also be utilized to achieve unusual effects such as the character wearing an unusual costume or structures which are not present in the normal gameplay.

This website is your treasure trove of cheats for Wii, Playstation, X-box, and other console and PC games. Learn how to accumulate points in The Earth Defense Force 2017, how to do a combo attack on Ultimate Mortal Combat, or operate an arsenal of ultra-cool weapons in Zoids Infinity. If you are one of those gamers who dislike cheats but don’t have time or the patience to figure out the puzzles of games, we also provide complete walkthroughs so that you can breeze through the game using normal gameplay.

Additionally, the site includes reviews on both existing and new games. News about new games, innovations, upgrades, gaming consoles, accessories, systems, and more will surely help you be on top of your gaming passion.

Ace that game now without the headaches.